Torkven 2

The main character (Torkvin) must save the world from evil. He will be the hardest journey. On the road waiting for a superhero many carnivorous plants, hazardous mechanical obstacles mutated frogs and traitors Killkriters. Torkvina face deadly battles with terrifying commanders of the forces of evil and the power that destroys his country and innocent people! Gameplay: You will have: 3 levels infested by evil enemies. 3 Evil and very dangerous bosses. A lot of bonuses and lost friends lists. Controls: Mouse - Character flies the cursor. LMB on the hero - a menu of skills. WSAD - movement control character. Space - pause, a menu abilities. F1 - is a help window (on the locations bosses will bring up a hint destroy them). Extras. information: The main feature of the new version of the game is the new control. That will make a new look for the game.



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